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JRPGfan said:

He basically admitted to it right? He had good lawyers.....

Well, yeah, he confessed to the murders to Rosie Greer in jail (that the judge bizarrely didn’t allow into evidence) and he basically admitted it in his book, (If) I Did It. The fact that the judge didn’t allow that yet he allowed the cops to be questioned if they’ve ever used the N word during a murder trial (!) tells me they were scared shitless of another Rodney King riot and wanted a Not Guilty verdict.

Seriously, he’s guilty as sin to anyone with half a brain. What innocent person runs from the cops with a fucking disguise and passport handy? Or runs from the cops, period? That’s to say nothing of all the blood found in his Bronco, driveway, glove (that didn’t fit because it was shrunk from said blood of all 3), bathtub, foyer, matching shoe print at the crime scene, the list goes on.