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JuliusHackebeil said:
Paatar said:

I will repeat again, I don’t think the argument for the legality of anything should be ‘this is legal so this should be’

Im not claiming against any of the stuff you’re projecting. So stop please. 

Why is "this is legal so that should be too" a bad argument? In general and in this case specifically, if you don't mind explaining a bit. Because I honestly don't get it.

It’s a perfectly valid argument. We already set the standard for what we’re deeming acceptable drug use and marijuana is objectively beneath those standards since it’s safer than alcohol and tobacco, not to mention it makes a complete mockery of the legal system and our drug laws when we lock people up for a plant while allowing said much more lethal shit, thereby saying the exact opposite of what science and research says (again, see those 2 links at the bottom of the OP) in enforcing pot bans, and the government is saying (against all evidence) pot is worse than them by making it illegal when it’s clearly not (again, you never hear of anyone dying or starting fights from weed or any of the plethora of health problems cigarette smokers face, which I happen to know some personally).

And sadly, some people actually believe this shit, too. “If the government says this plant is worse than far more addictive drugs that actually kill people, it must be true”. Yeah, no, it’s actually safer than those drugs (I can get at the gas station), and so it stands to reason we ought to treat it that way.

Last edited by KManX89 - on 16 April 2024