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pokoko said:

I'm going to watch it this weekend. So far, the acting and the attention to detail have gotten a lot of praise. I have zero faith in Amazon but I'm hopeful the other parties involved had enough input to steer it in a good direction.

Since the other thread was closed, I'm just going to repeat what I said there:

Tim Cain, the creator of the first Fallout, was invited to the premiere (first two episodes) in Hollywood and said he loved it. I look forward to the "I hate Bethesda Fallout" crowd being extra salty about that.

He also took a picture with Tod Howard and asked fans of the first game to stop being so obnoxious online.

Yeah, I watched his video after I watched the episode. Tim Cain is a wise old man - I tend to meet some people of his level, albeit from movie/TV industry in my line of work, and you'll rarely hear them saying bad things, at least publicly.
I don't doubt he liked a lot of the aspects of the show (since there are good ones) and focused on those, though he said himself he has to watch it again, since he missed some story beats by not paying attention to what was going on in dialogue and watching production design of scenes.

That said, there will always be a divide between original Fallout and Bethesda's Fallout fans - Obsidian showed Bethesda how it can be done and honor the originals (to a degree) with NV, but they just didn't care.

I'm hoping to see what Leonard Boyarsky has to say about the show, as an architect of visual style of original Fallout universe, since, at least according to Tim Cain, he was not that kind after the trailer.