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Not gonna lie this was an absurd argument to make on many levels. There are so many things you wouldn't consider a conventional computer that could be considered a computer if we go by definition like game controllers. Even home appliances like refrigerators and microwaves could be considered home computers which you could argue outsold the PS2, and even if the PS2 outsold singular hardware variations of these computers its pretty misleading to call the PS2 the bestselling home computer of all time since computers are constantly updating with slightly different hardware variations and being discontinued far more quickly than consoles, it doesnt at all mean people own a PS2 more than home computers that pretty much are used for the exact same function and OS despite having different hardware variations. There's just so many levels wrong in the argument in calling the PS2 the bestselling home computer of all time.

I'll just leave it as PS2 being the bestselling console of all time, nothing more, nothing less.