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Chrkeller said:
Norion said:

Lots of people knew what the Switch was gonna be like before its October 2016 reveal cause of rumours and leaks. When a rumour like this is this highly reported on there's a good chance it's true.

Maybe.  I still think the switch 2 rumors on graphics are highly unlikely to be true.  I don't trust most rumors.  Wind Waker was rumored for release on the switch for over a year now.

What rumours are you referring to? The overall picture I've seen is somewhat more capable than the PS4 and Steam Deck which is reasonable. Not trusting most rumours makes sense, I don't pay them a lot of mind unless it's a case where it's very likely true.

archbrix said:
Norion said:

I mean the recent highly reported on rumour was that it was originally intended for this year before getting delayed so it's a completely fair belief to have.

Agreed.  Although Nintendo's calendar year hardware sales aren't going to be great, I think there were a few factors that ultimately lead to waiting until next year.  This video sheds a lot of light on why in makes sense financially:

Add to that more time to ready the games lineup for launch and post-launch, plentiful unit numbers to combat scalpers and the fact that a March launch for Switch 2 will still be reflected in its fiscal year hardware sales and it all works out better for Nintendo in the long run.

Furthermore, like Rol pointed out, Nintendo likely has finished games we don't know about yet that were always in the pipeline for Switch this year that they can rely on for Switch to have another solid lineup through the holiday.

I'd still prefer it releasing this November but a few month delay isn't a big deal and they'll be fine this year yeah. At this point I mainly hope the announcement for it is soon.

Last edited by Norion - on 12 March 2024