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haxxiy said:
Mar1217 said:

Personally I just watched someone do a playthrough of the first two chapters to decide if I'd eventually wait for the port on Switch 2(eventually lol).

I'm surprised no one spoke of their experience during the intro scene with Zack.

Didn't think they'd actually put their cards face table !

Yeah... about that, Sony seemingly has console exclusivity for the trilogy. So it's either PC or PS for a long time.

As for the beginning, a lot of people expected two timelines and that stuff on the trailers to be specifically from Zack's timeline. Of course, killing two MCs off at the start might be a bold move, but IDK if SE has the guts after what happened to Avalanche in Remake. Guess I'll have to play the entire game and see :P

Yeah, as of now, the theory of  split realities due to the end of Remake seems indicative of that.

As for FF VII Trilogy being a console exclusive... Heh don't know about it. Do we have official info on such a deal in place ? 

To me it sounds so obvious that SE would want to port it whole to the Switch 2 since the public for the genre is just as there as it is on PS. 

Edit : 

Welp ... It didn't take too long to find the statement but no, the Trilogy as of now isn't confirmed as PS exclusive whole as of now. It was a reporting error.,trilogy%20a%20PlayStation%20console%20exclusive.

Nonetheless without knowing the details of any deal, it could just mean the whole thing will come later, which I personally won't mind the wait anyway.

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