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Shtinamin_ said:
smroadkill15 said:

An RPG is a game where you role play a character into making choices that influence the game in some capacity. Some games have RPG elements like a skill tree, but that doesn't make them an RPG. For example: Spider-man 2 is NOT an RPG because no matter what you do, the game always plays out the same. If the player could choose to be Venom or Spider-man and make decisions with a good, bad, or neutral result, then it would be an RPG.

So that would also make Pokémon not an RPG?

Based on this an RPG has a flavor of customization where the story can change depending on your actions.

No because you can pick and choose which pokemon you want, what moves they learn, if they evolve or not. Decisions don't necessarily need to be story driven. 

Last edited by smroadkill15 - on 20 February 2024