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This is coming from a Halo fan from Halo CE to Infinite. Iv played them all.

After the success of Helldivars 2, its clear that these type of MP games are still going strong.

MS literally own the best Drop Trooper IP in the industry and for years we still havnt seen them utilise them since Halo 3 ODST.

343 need to stop listening to the old Bungie fans and start following their own destiny (Pun Intended)

Halo is one of gamings biggest IPs. You can literally make any type of game with Halo, like we seen with the Halo Wars and Spartan Assault series. 

The industry is calling for a ODST BR game, not sure why its not considered. Maybe Activision can influence them in making one after the huge success of CoD Warzone.

Imagine a BR game with full customisable ODST/Spartans dropping from Pelicans into futuristic city's and Alien worlds. They literally have the next Apex Legends sitting right there. 

Hope Phil can get a studio onboard with it. I would be totally down for it.