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Chrkeller said:
zeldaring said:

This really doesn't make sense, because ps5 sold with out exclusive software and switch 2 could easily do the same, just by the power of the brand enhanced nintendo switch games and third party games, surely the first year it would all be sold out.

The ps5 launched with Demon, Sackboy and Miles Morales.  For me it was a pretty solid launch lineup, and if memory serves Ratchet wasn't far behind.  To me it makes sense to ensure the S2 launches with some good exclusives. 

The Wii U launch was soft and certainly didn't help same with the GameCube.  If the S2 launches with BC and galaxy 3 or Odyssey 2....  

None of those were really system sellers, and miles morales was also on ps4. you would have to think nintendo has something for switch 2. even if it was just deluxe versions of mario wonder, princess peach and BOTW that would be enough considering the core nintendo gamer is dying for a upgrade in hardware.