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haxxiy said:

Their nonchalant approach to first-party releases has me a bit miffed. Feels like they're coasting a bit since Xbox is almost dead. Where's the Sony of the PS3 and PS4 days?

Feels like there's nothing left to look forward to when I get FF7 Rebirth until DS2 releases like 18 months from now. GTA6 is coming up, yeah, but weren't for that I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up around PS4 levels even though Xbox shrunk so much.

It's quite baffling when PS4's top-selling first-party games sold more than any other PlayStation platform.

Though in all fairness, they were games that took a ton of development time and resources.


-God of War (2018)

-Horizon: Zero Dawn

-Uncharted 4

Sony seems have the approach of cinematic AAA games while releasing MLB yearly. 

We'll have to see if their approach causes PS5 to outsell PS4, but I'm skeptical. 

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