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Sony just announced that they changed their forecast for the upcoming fiscal year from 25 million to 21 million and said price cuts would be very difficult.
The best hope for PS5 to outsell PS4 and Game Boy/Game Boy Color would be:
1. No PS6 until 2028. This could happen, but 2027 is still a very real possibility.
2. A price cut in the future down to $350 USD or even $400 USD and of course price cuts internationally.
3. At least one more PS5 exclusive as big as Spider-Man 2. Honestly, I don't see that happening.
I voted in the wide 100-120 million range, but think about 108-115 million is more in the expected range..

Edit: The forecast is for the almost ending current fiscal year. Still, I don't think Sony is going to predict 25 million or more for the next fiscal year. 

Last edited by Wman1996 - on 15 February 2024

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