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Musk is undeniably bad news. You don't even need math. All you have to do is connect the dots. Twitter is just one of the 4 arms of his true agenda.

Mars is orange and everyone knows orange is bad. They even call it red, though like redheads, it's really orange. Musk loves Mars and can't wait to get there, votes red now, and invited back the orange man on the red team. His main companies colors are even red and white, which is obviously a dog whistle to his supporters.

Elon is downright evil.

Do the right thing and buy a Dodge HEMI instead.
Wait, HEMI is also heavily associated with orange..
Plus Dodge is red and has the RAM like the devil..
Then there's the whole carbon climate problem... the right thing and buy n buggy?

Gotta love when it all comes together. That's progress.