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firebush03 said:

One is saying “it’s good that we’re stripping away your rights(!)” whereas the other is saying “we care about your rights(!) *does nothing and progresses in the direction of stripping your rights slowly throughout every bill they pass*”.

What’s my rationale for not wanting to vote Biden then? The way I see it is as follows: A vote for Biden is a vote to continue the genocide in Gaza, a vote for Biden is an endorsement of the continual expansion of oil drilling and carbon emissions (with some incremental measures — which literally amount to nothing — sprinkled in there), a vote for Biden is a certification that no fresh new face with potentially less harmful practices will emerge four years from now. And if I were to cast my vote, it would be for Cornell West…but he’s not going to win, nor will he hit that 5% threshold. So I see no reason in voting. If you can explain how Biden has truly passed bills *which are substantive* and how Biden’s net outcome has truly been in the direction of what he has promised, then maybe I’ll consider. But at the end of the day, I see it as a two-horse-race toward the same goal, though with one pushing at a slightly faster pace.

Two questions:

1) What bills are you referring to?

2) You talk about the harm that you believe will come from a vote for Biden, but what do you believe will be the positive effect of not voting?