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firebush03 said:

lmao I’ll be a five-head for a moment and say this: American politics is nothing but theater. Biden or Trump makes no difference. The average America will continue to drown as wages fail to meet raising prices, the government will never stop focusing funds towards the middle eastern (and now Eastern European) meat-grinders, etc etc. It’s all a joke, and these politicians have done, and will never do, anything to help those who are truly in need. Democracy is an illusion, and it’s embarrassing to buy into any of these scumbags’ narratives. Neither deserve my vote because at the end of the day, I have no interest in wasting hours of my life submitting a symbolic ballot for genocide with Rainbow Capitalism nor genocide with Anti-Rainbow Capitalism.

In short: People would sooner weep over “Orange man” returning to office than for all the tens of thousands of Palestinians having been massacred by the Israeli elites. People would sooner weep over the prospect of Bud Light and Disney supporting LGBTQ than for the mass assault America is provoking in Taiwan and (at one point) Ukraine.

I've always hated the "both sides are bad" argument, because elections have very real consequences. For just one example, millions of women have lost the right to reproductive care in the country as a direct result of the 2016 election. While there are bipartisan problems in the US and its politics, a MAGA government will be fundamentally different from a Democratic government in many ways.

I will also say that real earnings (that is take home pay after inflation) is not failing for meet raising prices and increasing real earnings has been the general trend for the last decade.