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Indiana looked like the most enjoyable blockbuster experience out of them. Of course, it was gonna keep the Machine Games 1st person DNA. Could be interesting plot wise, but my guess is it's gonna be moreso a rethread of the first movie but in a different story.

Awoved has much to prove after Obsidian had a potentially cool but luck warm 1st outing with Outer Wilds. Gameplay lacked impact but could have interesting mechanics nonetheless. Of course, people the game will mostly fall on it's writing and the complexity of it's choices and the how to tackle them.

As for Ara Untold, you have to specifically be into the Civilization/Real Time Strategy genre. Don't know how it'll stand among it's peers.

Visions of Mana coming directly on Xbox but no Gamepass makes me wonder if they forked some budget for Square Enix to port it there, although not enough. Of maybe it's just a genuine try from SE to look for a public on Xbox.

There's no inherent problem for Hellblade II for its campaign to be about 6-8 hours considering it's lesser price and what the first game was about. Don't think they necessarily need to go better in all aspects. But it's probably the one game I'm the most puzzled about since most of it's marketing is just around the visuals of it mostly. I feel like the lack of gameplay portion points out to something that could be lacking there or simply similar to the first game.

Also digital only release like Alan Wake II makes me irk a good bit. It's one of their big release but they kinda make it as lesser than the marketing suggests it to be.

Anywoo, seems prep enough for the year at first glance.

Last edited by Mar1217 - on 19 January 2024

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