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Guessed by @drbunnig

While A Link to the Past drops lower than it ever has, Ocarina of Time soars above it for the first time and has its highest placement here since my very first list in 2014. It feels wrong to side with it in the endless ALttP vs. OoT debate, I shouldn't switch sides like this! But I don't know, this game is just so good, it's such a classic. I still think the Child Link portions as a whole are kinda lame, and certainly the third dungeon is an awful mess, but everything else about this game is extremely legendary and largely holds up. I don't like how it gets credit for doing a lot of things ALttP did first, but the truth is, it elevated the atmosphere and storytelling of the Zelda series way beyond what was there before, and still remains one of the strongest in the series since then.

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