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Dulfite said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

I'm mostly curious about the Most Anticipated Award, 2024 looks like a bit of a slow year at least for confirmed titles, which I'm fine with after 2023, but it leaves us with some smaller than usual candidates. I guess Rebirth will take it, but Tekken 8 or even Hades II might actually also stand a chance.

2024, if Nintendo's next console comes out, is sure to have a ton of games none of us even know about yet (not just first party Nintendo games, but any kind of exclusive/timed exclusive second/third party games as well).

If Switch 2 (or whatever it is called) doesn't come out, then I'm sure the year will have other announcements. 2023 was absolutely loaded, though.

I agree if Nintendo's next system comes out they will have obviously have some unnanounced titles for it, but considering it probably won't be in the first half of the year it probably won't be more than 1-2 really big ones. Anyways it could turn out a great year, but it's probably one of the most empty years in recent memory when it comes to pre-announced titles.

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