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JWeinCom said:
CaptainExplosion said:

What would be intense is if it was based on the more ominous mine cart levels of the original Donkey Kong Country, and like they did for the Mario Kart ride riders get AR goggles, only this time it'd be to show DK and Diddy having to navigate their cart around knocked over carts and Kremlings trying to crash into them.

That would be cool but the Mario Kart ride doesn't actually go very fast from my understanding. Don't think AR would work if it's a legitimately fast roller coaster. 

Then maybe use AR for the scary Metroid maze I mentioned earlier for the monster effects, assuming they don't go with animatronics. Although, animatronic Ridley might be even scarier because then he'd look more alive. Think back to the T-Rex in parts of Jurassic Park, the puppet still looks better than a lot of CGI creatures in today's movies.