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Pemalite said:
BasilZero said:

Anything on there worth getting if you want b/c or is everything on there now not b/c?

If you buy from the Xbox 360 store on an Xbox 360 console there are no guarantees that everything is backwards compatible.

If you buy it on the Xbox One/Xbox Series store, then it's guaranteed to be backwards compatible.

Would have been great if Microsoft just made the entire library of games backwards compatible, but that is a pipe dream due to licensing issues.


Another thing that's frustrating is if you buy an Xbox 360 game on the web browser, mobile app, or the subsequent consoles (One, Series X/S) I don't think it's guaranteed to show up on your download list on Xbox 360. However, the games will sometimes. 

I placed an order for an Xbox 360 E (hasn't shipped yet) but I'm very hesitant to even try buying a cheap digital game on anything else other than the Xbox 360 Store in case I can't even download it on 360. 

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