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Guessed by @drbunnig

Another game for which I always use the same picture, but this is a symbolic one - it's the moment Wepkeer's captain Gary Connolly, who had been in the team since they were in the third tier of English football, scored his second header in the club's first ever Champions League final, sealing a comeback win against Liverpool of all teams! I only hope his manager, a boyhood Liverpool fan, wasn't too unimpressed...

Anyways, if anyone's interested (I know no one is, but let me have this), here's the highlights for that game (I actually always played FM in 2D Classic view, but I get that it looks nicer in crappy 3D graphics for these highlights!).

I made up Wepkeer taking inspiration from one of my favorite videogames, sticked them in the sixth tier of English football, and just kept going and going for many in-game decades as they went from a team of nobodies to becoming the most successful club in world football. And all of that happened without Manchester City lifting a single Champions League trophy, officially making my Football Manager timeline better than reality!

I know the full story has been lost to the 'VGC blip', but still, I'll spare y'all the whole thing. Football Manager 2020 is by far the sports game I spent the longest time playing, going as deep as the 2080's in it, it was memorable and it felt real - I remember all the players who came and went and the things they achieved at my club, I even remember some opposition players that always gave me a hard time, I remember going on long trophy droughts and then trophy-laden years, it was all really amazing. This is what sports games should be about: creating stories.

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