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DonFerrari said:
zorg1000 said:

Nah, you’re just trying to play victim, people asked you  to back up your claims with data (this sites focus) instead of random statements pulled out of your ass.

Your first answer to him here was very offensive.

Slownenberg claiming Mario would do in the first quarter more than SM2 would be able to reach lifetime didn't even raise any eyebrow nor the other posts of people expecting at least 2:1.

What a great post that really shows the bias and hypocrisy of some people here. Like I make a prediction with reasonable logic and people feel the need to interrogate me about a 20 million prediction while someone saying 2:1  or mario wonder will sell spiderman 2 life time sales in quarter is ok and it should be ok, people can think what ever they like it's just a prediction, and you can use all the data you want most of these so called experts get things wrong all the time.

Last edited by zeldaring - on 10 November 2023