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DarthMetalliCube said:

Definitely. It's certainly a better/less dangerous drug than alcohol. Granted it doesn't do much for me other than make me paranoid/tense more often than not. Which is the OPPOSITE of what I'm looking for.. I never got how people say it helps them unwind, relax or whatever. ALCOHOL definitely does that for me for weed is the polar opposite. My mind goes a million miles a minute on the stuff and it tends to amplify/enhance entertainment (music and movies mainly) and makes things generally funnier/more interesting but that's about all I use it for, and even that's rare these days. But still, it's a relatively harmless drug other than making you sit around and be lazy for countless hours. And I suppose one could get somewhat of a mental addiction (though not a physical one) through the dopamine effects, but again, alcohol is 100x worse as far as addiction goes, take it from me.

Now if we're talking hard drugs that are actually damaging and which one can OD on (cocaine, heroin, etc) then that's a much different story. 

And don't forget far more carcinogenic cigarettes, which in some states, you can even smoke them in public and blow them in people's faces, but marijuana, which, again, has never kiled anyone? You can't smoke that anywhere in many states (a lot of the same states that allow cigs in public even), some even with a treatable condition. Make it make sense.

Well, apparently, Ohio is, or rather, the Ohio voters. They just passed recreational marijuana with a ballot initiative, 56.9% voting in favor.  

Oh, and ironically, most states that have some form of legalized marijuana don't allow public smoking. Hmm, maybe those illicit states aren't concerned about people's health after all. After all, second hand tobacco smoke kills about 50k people per year while reefer is still going strong at 0.

Last edited by KManX89 - on 09 November 2023