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Other - Romancing Saga 2, granted, I’m rather new to this game, but I put over 100 hours into multiple playthroughs on it during this generation. This is not a game I expect anyone else to enjoy, it’s very particularly aimed at my tastes and the Saga series is a small niche - but those who like these games, love them.

In the day, I’d be debating SimCity 2000 vs Secret of Mana.
I was a big fan of Master of Orion 2, but I don’t recall ever playing the first one. Gunstar Heroes was a game I liked a lot.
Mortal Kombat 2!!! Baraka ruled! (He was popular. Wasn’t at all surprised when he became US President).

Phantasy Star 4 was one I liked a lot as well. Although, after replaying Phantasy Star 2 recently and not being able to make it very far before I quit, I wonder if my memories for those games are better left in the past. Speaking of SaGa, FF Legend 1 was also a game I found infuriating to play when it was released on Switch (about 30 years after the original), but I liked it as a kid. Secret of Mana is another game I liked a great deal less when playing it in more recent times - although, my opinion on Mystic Quest/Adventures of Mana is about the same as it always was. I ended up liking some games a lot better - Final Fantasy 2, for example which was formerly my least favourite FF game and now my second favourite (next to 4) of the original 5 games.

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