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zorg1000 said:
zeldaring said:

Does it really matter if it's a monthly bill or not? They still paying for it. Anyone who thinks 1000$ In 2 year payments for a phone Is a idiot.

Point is most of these people want the latest tech, and many people that go waste a hours to upgrade the phone is cause they like the features. Samething with ps5 I'm not buying a ps5 unless it offers a big improvement and thinks to 60fps it does.

Umm…….yes? The only reason high end smartphones sell as well as they do is because of the 2-3 year payment plans that most cell providers offer. If everybody had to pay the full cost of their phone upfront (like they do with consoles) then consumer habits would be a lot different.

I'm sure it helps but people are also addicted to latest phones with the hottest tech. I mean who doesn't have a credit card in America for a 300$ switch or 400$ ps5.  They just don't sell cause of plans, they sell cause people are addicted to the latest tech. I would say you have a ton of gamers that care about graphics and tech and alot of gamers that don't but to say the majority doesn't feel a upgrade from ps4 to ps5 is false.