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Kyuu said:
Otter said:

I feel some s have already forgotten the days where Series S was the better-selling Series platform.

It'd do huge damage to their brand to not have games accessible to half of their current gen audience and is really not serious question for now.. Not until a new gen has began and the series platforms are just legacy machines with a few cross gen droplets arriving from the new gen of platforms

Why do you assume there would only be droplets of games supporting the Series consoles? We're approaching the 4th year this generation and yet the majority of notable games remain crossgen and support the Xbox One as well. I don't think next gen will play out very differently as long as Microsoft drop mandating Series S support. If they keep it mandated, then yes, I can see a crap load of crossgen titles that will only be crossgen with PS5 (like RE4 Remake with PS4), but even then, the great majority of western non-AAA games as well as some/many AAA games would still support it.

In the end, Microsoft put Xbox in a situation where ultimately countless people will complain or lose interest regardless of how they handle things (because Series S/X is a misfired platform), and many of them will convert to PC. Stop mandating Series S and anger some of its biggest fans who won't consider upgrading. Keep mandating Series S and risk losing a ton of extra games.

This is the only game where Series S has been a serious problem and its only for a splitscreen mode which is extra demanding compared to single player content. Currently, there shouldn't be hysteria about Series S loosing a ton of extra games until we get to next gen (2027) which is exactly when I think it can start being a conversation