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mjk45 said:
Valdney said:

At this point it's almost irrelevant whether the Switch sells 160 mil or not. The Switch is already the most successful console ever and it has never had a price cut.

Having said that, I still think 160 mil is very much doable depending on how long Nintendo "delays" the successor.

What metrics are you using for your claim that "The switch is already the most successful console ever" if you measure it by sales it's still the PS2 and if you measure it as software sold again the PS2, tie ratio again PS2, now this isn't to say that the Switch won't or can't claim the title of most consoles sales but at the moment your claim that it is even now the most successful console ever is dubious.

There's nothing dubious about my claim at all. It is a fact. I am using the only metric that actually matters at the end: profits. 

Now you can make other comparisons too if you like. For example: How much did the top 20 Ps2 games sell compared to Switch's top 20? How many of those top 20 were evergreen tittles that kept selling for years on end? How many of those were first party? (which actually shows the strength of the platform software-wise) What is the fastest selling console between the 2? so on and so forth. Saying that the PS2 is the most successful console ever is the actual dubious claim.