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SvennoJ said:
zeldaring said:

Yea it's still early and controls are gonna take sometime getting used to them. I will say the game is beautiful when playing in handheld. It's way to early to judge but man i really hate the breakable weapons so far, like they literally have so much mechanics in this game do we needs breakable weapons to slow the pace even more. 

I'm still not used to the controls lol. Hate it when I accidentally throw my weapon away when trying to use ultra-hand.

The breakable weapons have changed my play style for sure, puff shroom sneak strikes, muddle buds to thin the herd, desperate strength weapons, all because replacing weapons is a chore. I haven't bothered with shields for blocking or parrying at all. I rather throw stuff than attach it to an arrow cause bows break just as easily.

But you will find durability up++ weapons later on that last a bit longer. It also seems higher dmg value weapons last longer. I wish you could actually see the stats as it's always a guessing game what to replace when finding a new weapon.

Tip: set the item menu to sort on most used. It gets very tedious to scroll through this endless bar of items to find what to attach. In my case bomb flowers, muddle buds and puff shrooms are the first 3 items. You find them a lot in the Depths.

Thanks for the tip. I just avoid combat right now. The melee combat controls, and movement are just bad in this game, then you add the weapon breaking and i don't wanna even deal with it. The UI and melee combat are some of the worst i have played in along time, and the building controls are clunky. Still enjoying it though, just a shame cause it can easily be one of the goats if they actually address these  issues. Sometimes just focus on the refining things then throwing as much as possible in a game can go a long way.

Last edited by zeldaring - on 12 July 2023