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SvennoJ said:

It's a Zelda themed Minecraft like. Although that's doing Minecraft a disservice as you can do much more there. There's so much to do you'll find stuff you'll enjoy. The tutorial island is by far the worst part of the game, it gets a lot better once you get off there and are free to chose what to pursue. If you want the more classic Zelda experience, go directly to the towns for the regional phenomena and stick to the main quests. And maybe along the way you'll warm up to the other stuff.

I keep forgetting about Ascend as I rank that among fast travel. Thus was scratching my head in a Shrine how to solve the rotating cube room. Need ascend duh. Also made it way to hard on myself in one of the no gear fight arena shrines. Battle tank waiting an ascend and short flight away, which I found out after clearing everything the hard way. Ascend is the lamest ability, just an excuse to disable climbing in places.

Yea it's still early and controls are gonna take sometime getting used to them. I will say the game is beautiful when playing in handheld. It's way to early to judge but man i really hate the breakable weapons so far, like they literally have so much mechanics in this game do we needs breakable weapons to slow the pace even more.