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Deyon said:
super_etecoon said:

The fact that you called it the PS3/360 era and omitted the Wii in that sentence is pretty telling.  

But no, your thesis seems inaccurate.  The fact is that in 2006-2010 people were more likely to visit websites and forums.  And there weren't that many of them to begin with.  These days the gaming community is spread out across a great number of robust platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, not to mention Facebook (which wasn't even a thing back during the heyday of this site, if you can believe that).  The fact that VGChartz doesn't have a very good mobile site doesn't help things and certainly doesn't encourage new usership. 

Overall I think we all should feel lucky the site even still exists some 12-15 years removed from when it had the best shot at viability.  I think we have a strong group of volunteers (and minimally paid) users who are to thank for that.

Pretty telling of what? It's general knowledge that Nintendo after the GameCube is not really in it to compete with Sony or Microsoft in a lot of ways. Different approach to console design, different business strategies, different focus on certain demographics etc. They are off doing their own thing and being mega successful at it.

The Wii won sure but the console wars of the 7th gen has always been ps3 vs 360 cuz they were basically a clone of each other, and that's why I 'omitted' the Wii. Not everything is a dig at Nintendo < 3

Edit: holy hell @ that Rol post! I need 3 business days to read analyze and give my feedback.

While Nintendo had to differentiate itself from Sony to compete in the console market, it is not like Nintendo isn’t a competitor to Sony and Microsoft. That’s just a fact. 

But more importantly, for the sake of your thread discussion, particularly in 2007-2009 the success of Nintendo in comparison to Sony was not an absolute and much of the traffic generated here at VGC was a result of folks coming to the site to monitor that race. You may think it was a foregone conclusion but it absolutely was not, and even as Nintendo dominated the number of fanboys from other console bases who were claiming that Nintendo’s success was empty and shallow definitely helped to drive up traffic on this site. 

I didn’t take your comment as a slight against Nintendo, but rather it is telling of your understanding of the culture that helped VGC thrive in its heyday.