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zeldaring said:
curl-6 said:

Different games will have different bottlenecks; some will be CPU bound, others GPU bound. There's a hard limit to what you can do at 60fps on console, and some devs will want to do more than that.

Yea we'll see i haven't seen a world more advanced then  Red Dead 2. will be interesting to see how they use the massive jump in CPU power.

Stuff like this is often more down to developer effort more than raw power; Red Dead 2 after all runs on the quite slow Jaguar cores of PS4/Xbone, same as BOTW/TOTK run on the slow Wii U/Switch CPUs, but both go well beyond what you'd expect due to a lot of hard work by the devs.

But yeah, it will be cool to see devs push the limits of the way more power Zen 2 cores in PS5/XS.