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super_etecoon said:
zeldaring said:

I'm not trying to insult the work at all. The talk is here why is physics haven't really advanced all the much  in AAA space. if you put crazy physics it will come at the price of the graphics and developers choose not too for the most part.

So all you're taking from this developer praise is that people like the physics in TotK?  You think that is all they are referring to when discussing the magic that is happening in this game?  You do know the Switch is a handheld with tech dating back to 2015.  We're talking about the lack of loading (I don't think you've played this game yet, so I'm not sure if you have much to go on here), the scale of the world, the combining of different objects in the game (I'm talking about fuse here, not the ultrahand used to create various contraptions). The fact that all of this is being handled without crashes is beyond belief.

Whatever Zelda thread you enter (I'm honestly not even sure why Zelda is in your name, btw) you come with the same argument and your purpose on this site seems to be defined by downplaying the success that this game, both in terms of its legacy as a follow up to Breath of the Wild and in comparison to other games in the market.  I can tell you're getting a lot of enjoyment out of being the contrary citizen, though, and you're certainly keeping these threads alive, so more power to your style. 

I came and praised zelda in this thread. I only mentioned that most AAA will not have the luxury of pushing physics at the expense of downgraded  graphics  and people acting like i'm down playing zelda. I mentioned many times i really enoyed BOTW i think it has some problems but i think its a great game. I zeldaring in my name cause my 2 next games are elden ring and TOTK. i'm not really into open worlds that much but the praise i hear for both games has me really interested.