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Didnt watch the show because I was flying back to the states from my overseas vacation.

As far as what was shown....

What I like/excited for/high priority
-Spider-Man 2
-Alan Wake 2
-Assassin's Creed Mirage
-Dragon's Dogma 2
-Final Fantasy XVI
-Granblue Fantasy Re:Link

Need more info/Undecided/Low priority
-Helldivers 2
-Immortals of Aveum
-Ghostrunner 2
-The Plucky Squire
-Sword of the Sea
-Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean
-Revenant Hill
-Towers of Aghasba
-The Talos Principle 2

Dont care/not interested/no priority
-Tower of Fantasy
-All of the PSVR stuff