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PS Showcase 2023

- There was a QR Code at the end
- Haven software?
Helldivers II
- Reminds me of Starship Troopers
- 2023
- PS5/PC
Immortals of Aveum
- It's EA so I doubt I'll like it
- July 20th 2023
Ghostrunner II
- 2023
Phantom Blade 0
- Soulslike? Action game?
- This looks fun, will keep an eye out
- PS5 exclusive?
Sword of the Sea
- PS5 Exclusive?
the talos principle II
- 2023
- Same Studio as Gris
- 2024
Cat Quest Pirates of the Purribbean
- 2024
- Square Enix Splatoon?
- Probably exclusive?
The Plucky Squire
- 2025
- Port from PC
- 2023
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Remake
- PS5 Exclusive?
Metal Gear Solid MAster collection
- Autimn 2023
Towers of Aghasba
- 2024
Final Fantasy XVI
- Yeah we already know
- June 22nd
- PS5 Exclusive
Alan Wake II
- October 17th 2023
Assassin's Creed Mirage
- October 12th
Revenant Hill
- PS Exclusive?
Granblue Fantasy Rebirth
- 2023
Street Fighter 6
- June 2nd 2023
- Oh look, pre order bonuses
- 2024
Tower of Fantasy
- No date given?
Dragon's Dogma II
- No Date Given
Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2
- Late 2023

PSVR 2 segment:

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode
- In Development? Damn, no date
Arizona Sunshine II
- 2023
Crossfire Sierra Squad
- No Date Given? (Was looking away)
- July 4th 2023
Beat Saber
- availabe now
- queen Pack

Back to the Games

- Bungie
- No Date Given
Destiny 2: The Final Shape
- Showcase on Aug 22nd
- PS5 Exclusive (And PC)
- 2024
Gran Turismo movie
- not the place or time guys
- august
Remote Play Switch
- Kinda cool, actually
Playstation Earbuds
- Fine enough
Spider-Man 2
- VenomSpider
- Can play as Peter and miles
- Wing Suit
- Fall 2023

Going down this list there's a lot I'm tentatively excited for. A LOT. Like, pretty much everything in that presentation was at least a mild, "Okay, this looks fun, now show me more' state. But therein lay the problems, right?

The visuals and art direction look great for so many of these, but the modern state of the industry makes me wonder how many of them are going to be yet another overmonetized microtransaction farm Game as a Service. Like, take that Immortals of Aveum game. If sucker Punch was the ones making that it'd be a solid 9/10 for me. that looked like fun and they have a history of great games. but it's EA. and that makes my mind immediately go to 'oh, yeah this is gonna be Anthem 2.0 isn't it?' and that doused all my excitement for it.

So many of the showings were for games that LOOK great and many of which even have good pedigree behind them, but we don't know enough to be excited. and, I know I'll get booed and shouted down here a bit but so much of this 'PlayStation' showcase reminded me of an Xbox presentation. Plenty of stuff that looks good but how much of it was good for Playstation? How many of these games were exclusives? This was a lovely, wonderful showing of a tonne of interesting looking games but it coulda been a generic summer games fest presentation, where are the games that help to give PLAYSTATION its identity?

I like Playstation mostly because of their exclusive titles. They've always been good about really giving us a wide variety of games that I enjoy (Plenty I don't, too but that's not the point.) Multiplatform games can be fun but they always feel like they lack a strong identity, regardless of what platform they're on. Whenever I play a console, be it PS or Nintendo or even Xbox, the games I tend to gravitate towards are almost always exclusives. Games that can't be played anywhere else. And I just didn't get any of that personality here. Well, I got some but not much.

So yeah, I give the presentation a solid 7/10 because I liked the look of pretty much everything Is a but I really didn't get much of a feel for anything outside of Helldivers and Spider-Man. Oh, and Phantom Blade. that looked fun. Is Phantom Blade 0 exclusive? (Just checked, looks like PS5/PC)

Weirdly enough, exclusivity matters. Can't really quantify it beyond that but I find I have more excitement for games when they're exclusive. It always feels like they've got more soul that way. There are few multiplatform games throughout history I love as much as exclusives. Many of my favourite games and franchises are exclusives. Heck, a lot of my favourite games over the last few years have been exclusives at one point. cuphead, for example. THAT game has personality.

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