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Crown said:
Leynos said:

The FF series has the same cycle as Sonic to me. I will judge for myself when I get my hands on it. Trusting big-name sites and YT's who are paid and would be blacklisted saying something negative is not a great indicator of how good it might actually be or bad. But FF16 is pretty much the series' last chance with me to impress. 13 and 15 got great previews and reviews and they were fucking trash. Same with FF7R. Only giving FF16 a shot as it finally returns the series to Fantasy without Sci-Fi.

Welp, its probably over for you, if you didnt enjoyed ff15 and ff7r, i dont think you are gonna enjoy this one. Rest in pepperoni.

For me : The only part who repel me is the engine, they are hiding it. But it's so ugly in comparison to ff7r. It really does not make me feel the game is for the last generation. There are some nice cutscenes, but when you're in-game what I see isn't up to par. I don't know if I'm the only one thinking like this?

At the games reveal sure, but at this point it's easily one of the best looking games announced for any console. The environments wipe the floor with FFVIIR which had great character models & VFX but the environments fell apart the minute you entered organic/non shinra areas. Although it may not entirely be the next-gen leap leap I'd expect, nothing about the game is ugly from the recent footage. Character models are a bit stiffer & flat compared to FFVIIR and a push more more naturalistic lighting can leave it look a bit muted & dark