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I cannot believe the Switch has been with me for almost 6 years now (got my hands on one in June 2017). It has also been my main source of gaming for the period, with PC in second and mobile in third. 

When the og Switch was announced all the way back then, many people were discussing the possibilities of an actual performance gain from the dock compared to the handhled device, as in more memory, more processing power, etc. Instead we all know what we got, which is a simple docking station used mainly to draw higher doses of electrical power.

Six years have passed and A LOT has changed in the tech department. Also, the Switch is one of the most successful consoles of all time, if not the most, so Nintendo has some room that they just did not have back then technology wise. With job postings for a next generation console already on the streets, I think this discussion could come back so we can use the knowledge of the community.

I'm no expert in hardware tech, but I would very much like if the games could actually run way better when docked compared to the mobile experience. It would be something like "performance mode/quality mode", but on the dock you would always get the possibity to have the very best scenario.

Would it now be possible to add extra juice to the dock of a potential "Switch 2"? Or is that still a bit too unpractical in the engineering department?

I know some would say that that could hinder the general experience of the users, who would not have the "same game feel in both modes" that is one of the selling points for the current Switch. But let's abstract that for a moment and only concentrate the discussion in the yay or nays of a "moar powerful dock", mainly if it would or not be possible and what could be done for it to happen.