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Jumpin said:

Probably Zelda.
Although I’m going for FF1-6 Pixel Remaster, myself. That collection comes out in a few days. Then Zelda will probably come eventually. And I don’t have a PS5, so I’ll be skipping FF16.

First, I’m going to play an FF1-X marathon… not a true marathon, which is playing the games with only short breaks between. This’ll be spaced out over months, but I’ll be playing them in order and I won’t be playing any other RPG or adventure games in the meantime.. I’ve played FF7, 8, and X in the past couple of years, and FF6 on the classic mini just a few months ago; but, I like those four so much I’ll play them again; they’re my top tier, my tetrarchy, so to speak: and you can add in FF Tactics, even though it’s a separate series. This time, all 10 games on Switch. All on one Nintendo console with handheld and home console capability. Fucking finally! :D

It’s not that I think Tears of the Kingdom will be a bad game. In fact, I’m sure (minus any kind of disaster) it’ll be at least the second best 3D Zelda game ever made—after Breath of the Wild. That’s why I think you should get it. The reason I’m not getting it right away is that I have zero excitement for it. I’m a big RPG fan, I also had a lot of fun playing a SaGa marathon on Switch, last year.

Speaking of RPGs from Squaresoft; they released Tactics Ogre but not FF Tactics? What’s up with that?

I got the 1-6 pixel remasters on PC - I'll get them on Playstation and Switch eventually in the future when they go on sale.

Hope you enjoy your marathon - its a great set of games and you wont get tired of it because its a different experience between each game.

FFTactics is expected to be announced soon. One rumor states its gonna be a collection of the original, Advanced and A2 and another rumor (original rumor) states its a remake of the original.