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So after careful consideration, watching the two events yesterday, reading all the feedback I got from this site and other places and looking into which game is a better investment with the credits I have - I'm going to go with Zelda ToTK.

Like I said I'm going to play BotW first before ToTK - so more than likely I'll be ending up playing both FFXVI and Zelda ToTK in the holidays.

So the main reasons why I'm going this route is...

-Zelda ToTK will likely get a sale reduction sometime at the earliest a year and half after its been released (going by BotW's sales history for the Switch ver - stores like Amazon and BB put it on sale almost exactly a year after it was released - and even then the price reduction will likely be minimal - at the most at $60 or $55 since its $10 higher than other games now.

- Final Fantasy XVI will likely get a quicker sale cut. FFXV got a sale cut a month after - I remember this because I bought the Day One Edition for $40 instead of $60 a month after its release.

So going by that, the price is the main reason. $35 for Zelda and whatever price FFXVI will be by Black Friday/Holiday sales time (maybe if I'm lucky earlier than that like FFXV lol).

Gameplay wise and presentation wise - both games are gonna be tied to my GOTY 2023 list no doubt and I'm likely gonna start playing them both more than likely during the holidays.

I got enough on my plate to play right now and what I plan to play while I wait for both (Kingdom Hearts entire series on playstation 5  - starting BBS soon to finish up 1.5+2.5 , then to play 2.8 and then 3) and I still got a bit more Pokemon Sword (about to finish Isle of Armor) and will be starting on BotW.

Thank you for all the feedback, comments, etc - may you all enjoy two of the best games of 2023 along with me in the future!