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Hello ERA VGChartz,

I got $35 worth of gift certificates from Best Buy after buying a PS5 few weeks ago - the certs will expire in June and I want to know what game ERA VGChartz thinks I should buy between two of my most hyped games for this year from two of my most favorite game franchises.

Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) or The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (NS).

Now to give more information/background....

1. I typically do not buy games at day 1 or at full price however this is an exception because I have $35 certs and they will be expiring in June. Both games are at $70 so this will literally be like a 50% off deal for me.
2. I have a Nintendo Switch and a PS5 already.
3. I plan to play FFXVI immediately once I get it but if I get Zelda ToTK - it will be played once I finish playing my 2nd playthrough of BotW which I will start soon.
4. I dont plan to buy anything else gaming wise that is coming out this year - these are the only two games , 99% of my purchases each year are always previous year releases cause I wait for sales and discounts
5. I've been playing FF series since 1995 (but bought my first game back in 2003 - FFIX and FFX on PS1/PS2) and have played all of the mainline games except for XI and XIV - along with that played majority of the spinoffs.
6. I've been playing the Zelda series since 1994 (but bought my first game back in 2007 - Zelda TP on GCN) - I've beaten OoT 3D, MM3D, TP GCN, SS Wii, LttP SNES and GBA, Link's Awakening on GBC, Link between worlds on 3DS and BotW on WiiU - about to be done with the original NES Zelda (playing that right now)

Details on Best Buy's specific purchases

Final Fantasy XVI purchase will include a steel book case ( and pre-order digital items

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom includes a "Free art print"

So what say you ERA VGChartz? I also put a poll in place as well.

Last edited by BasilZero - on 12 April 2023