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I figured I'll post the 3DS deals link for NA so everyone can look at these deals and list my recommendations. More games may go on sale, so look everyday. 

3DS Sales NA

Games I would recommend getting that are on sale (as of the time of typing this):

All Capcom games. $3 each for all Ace Attorney games, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Mega Man Legacy Collection (1-6) is good too. If you decide to get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and/or Generations make sure to download the save transfer app. You can easily find it by looking up the game name. The 3 Ultimate transfer app lets you transfer your save to the Wii U version (and vice versa). The Wii U version has the transfer built in the game, so no app required for that. The Generations transfer app lets you transfer your save to Generations Ultimate on Switch (you cannot transfer your save back).

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse ($10), Shovel Knight ($4.50), Steamworld Dig ($2), Steamworld Heist ($3), Steamworld Dig 2 ($4), and Runbow Pocket (New 3DS/2DS only $3).

Games/DLC I would recommend getting that's not on sale:

Fire Emblem Fates Revelation DLC ($20), if you know you know why. The 3D Classics (prices varies). Dementium Remastered ($15), this was on the DS (it's expensive on Ebay) and was originally a pitch to be a Silent Hill game. Virtual Console (Obviously just look and see what you want). Super Smash Bros 3DS DLC. The Binding of Isaac (New 3DS/2DS only $15).