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Chrkeller said:

I never bought the early adaptors got screwed argument. I've been playing (on the ps5) Ratchet, GoW, Horizon, Returnal, Hogwarts, etc. Not sure how I got screwed when I've been using the ps5 for years.

I don't buy the argument either. When you buy a platform at launch or in the first few years, you do it knowing that slimmer versions or price cuts might happen later on. You're making your own choice to prioritize buying the platform earlier because you're interested enough in it. That also comes with more expensive games, less refined UI, etc. 

I could've waited until 2023 or even 2024 to get a PS5, but I got one Autumn 2022 (a little before the 2nd anniversary). At the moment, no regrets. If a Slim version already comes out for $400 or under in 2023 with a detachable disc drive, I'll probably have some mild regrets. But nothing too bad, mind you. 

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