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Machiavellian said:
Runa216 said:

hah, yeah...him and Katy both are clearly hating it. "And it tastes great, too!" they always say. Lots of fun. 

As an aside, why are so many people so violently against trans people? Like, real talk...who the fuck cares what someone else identifies as? You're not dating or fucking them, why imagine scenarios and make up stories of grooming just to justify hating people who ain't hurting anyone? 

I would say its the banner issue for Republicans.  When you actually produce no real policy to better people lives then you find a scapegoat to persecute and Trans people are the group of choice now.  Fear is a very powerful weapon and it works.  The second step is to use the very tool for their morals to cloak themselves in their rightousness for doing the exact opposite of what the teachings say in that document which is the Bible.  As one of the biggest tenats I would say "Those without sin cast the first stone", the Bible nor any of Jesus teachings ever give Christians the leeway to persecute any group.

Just my opinon of course but the way I see it, the way to truly control people is to use their own morals against them.  Make them believe that what they are doing is just according to their faith and manipulate their decisions along those lines.  History shows how this is done and nothing has changed today.  Make the group feel they are the ones persecuted all the while they do the persecution.  The way I see it, if I was the devil and I wanted to corrupt a group that believe in their rightiousness, that would be the way I would go.

I've always found it weird that the closest thing to any sort of 'policy' that the conservatives want is this adherence to personal freedoms. Their idea of an ideal world is 'let everyone do whatever they want, no limitations', not realizing:

1 - That people can be shitty, greed corrupts, and that without checks and balances we end up with a small group of immensely powerful people being shitty to so, so many people

2 - That their philosophy only applies to them, not to LGBT people or immigrants or other races/cultures/religions

In short, it's just racism with extra steps. 

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