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If the games that I want are in that system, I will get for sure. Said that, as time pass, I have been too picky in regards to games nowadays, even the new Zelda didn't make me go "wow I need to play that".

To make go to the edge and hush to get a new console, they need to make something mind blowing or else I can comfortably wait for a long time while catching some games to pass my time with the Switch

Edit: Now I forgot to mention the value of the BC... lol

To make it simple, I am not a video game collector. When I move to the next generation, I go all the way, I don't store the old consoles to play when I feel like it God knows when. Since I am still pretty invested on Switch like any other console I had owned, to keep my huge backlog when I upgrade is simply a non brainer 

Last edited by 160rmf - on 07 March 2023



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