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mZuzek said:
Signalstar said:

Just Finished: Star Fox (NSO)

I have never played a Star Fox game so I guess the original is the best place to start. Fox is one of my favorite characters in Smash Bros though I really did not know much about him as a character or his games. I played on Switch in handheld mode. I realize it is an early #D console game and for the time it must have been a technological marvel on SNES. Obviously the graphics haven't aged well and quite frankly neither has the game as a whole. I played with analog controls which probably made things smoother. I had to find a control scheme that I found comfortable. This is an on-rails shooter which I don't usually play outside of arcade settings. I had to get used to not being in full control of movement. The hit detection seems iffy especially for one annoying boss fight in particular. I can't deny that the core gameplay loop is enjoyable thought. Doing a barrel roll is quite satisfying. It took me about 4 hours to complete the game on all three routes. I finally understand some of the series references in Smash Bros now. Some obstacles and projectiles are hard to avoid and it can be difficult to know where you should aim to defeat certain enemies. This game is like Fire Emblem in the sense that if your support characters die they stay dead, which is a neat feature but it can be tricky to tell them apart from enemies when there is so much happening on screen so I engaged in friendly fire more than I'd like to admit. The music is good. The story and character work is bare bones. I can't say I'm a big fan but I would be willing to give some other games in the series a shot. Do a barrel roll.

Score: 6/10

Both SNES games have aged horribly, I wish they got 60fps remasters or something because it'd go a long way towards making them feel... well, playable. The first one maybe still qualifies as a playable game, borderline, but Star Fox 2 is just painful, a shame because it's a pretty interesting game in its own right.

If you want more from the series, you have to try Star Fox 64. It's the only game in the franchise that didn't either age poorly, or was poor to begin with (or both). It's by far the most memorable and iconic one, filled with quotable lines everywhere, great levels and moments that stick with you, story isn't exactly deep but it has just enough to give these characters an extra layer, to make you care. It's the quintessential Star Fox game, really. And it's super fun to play, and replay, and replay over and over, what with its multiple routes and endings and such.

I have Star Fox 64 3D on my radar for 3DS. It seems that a new copy is going for $50 online. I have also seen it for $40 used without the case. It is unfortunate because the game was part of the Nintendo Selects line to boot.

I firmly believe that buying Nintendo games physically when they are new is a sound investment strategy. You will just end up paying more if you wait until later.

I managed to buy all of the DS and 3DS Zelda games except Tri-Force Heroes without paying too much over MSRP though.

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