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the-pi-guy said:
sundin13 said:

Ah yes, the peak of the horrors of American liberalism: A Canadian making a joke about how crazy American politics are.

But seriously, this post is bizarre af...

I didn't even think about Runa being Canadian and talking about "Southerners" as "Americans"; instead of Southerners being Southern US.

But now that you mention it, it is pretty funny that someone got offended entirely because they misunderstood what someone meant. 

Some people gotta dig reeeeeeal deep to be offended at some stuff. 

But to be clear it was a matter of me as a Canadian finding American politics absurd. Unfortunately, since America has a rub-off effect on Canada, their politics are relevant to us, hence why I keep my eyes on them even if I don't actively participate. And to be clear Canadian politics are just a milder version of the same absurdity, so it's not like I'm claiming superiority here, just that from an outsider's perspective American politics are batshit crazy. 

**Edit** I forgot the word 'not' before 'like I'm claiming superiority, here'. 

Last edited by Runa216 - on 04 March 2023

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