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Soundwave said:

The Nvidia Drake model (T239) that's been leaked (also by a leaker who's gotten multiple things correct) and is listed as NVN2 in an Nvidia leak (NVN is Nvidia's internal firmware name for the Nintendo Switch) is way too powerful for a "Pro" model. That thing is like 6-8x more powerful than the current Switch.

That said I doubt hardware this year. Furukawa said point blank he doesn't think hardware initiatives will boost Switch sales this year, that seems like a weird thing to say if you're launch new hardware.

This leak could be correct and still be a 2024 product as this Pokemon DLC runs through April 2024.

Come on, you posted the exact quote yourself. He said "hardware-related initiatives alone" which came surprisingly in response to a question that software-related initiatives alone most likely won't be enough to keep the Switch business steady. Overall, it was a rather ambiguous answer, but that's to be expected, because new hardware will only be announced at the exact time Nintendo sees fit.

Nintendo will not merely release new games in the upcoming fiscal year, nor will they merely launch a new Switch model without any new games alongside it. So most likely, they'll do both.

As for the level of processing power, there's no limit to how much more powerful a Pro model can be, just like there's no limit to how small an increase in processing power can be from one generation to the next one. So that was a pointless thought of yours.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV will outsell Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I was wrong.