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the-pi-guy said:
KLAMarine said:

Well I suppose when you get to define what left wing politics is, one can easily define an extremist left wing killer as not actually left wing. I could do the same with right wing killers if I get to define what right wing is.

Right wing politics are generally very pro-law and order: it's against the law to kill so actually, what the ADL considers a right wing killing might not actually be right wing.


Well that bit was a bit of a joke. 

But that is very often how left wing politics was defined. The original distinction was based on people on the right supported the French monarch, and the people on the left opposed the monarch. 

I think right wing politics being "law and order" is more just virtue signaling. A way to feel superior, morally justified over left wingers, despite the fact that the vast majority of left winger and right wingers, would agree to the vast majority of the same morals. 

"Law and order" as used by Nixon and George Wallace in 1968 is a racial dog-whistle. "Law and order" is certainly a joke when the top law enforcement official in Texas dodges process servers and has a lot of serious criminal charges against him that have yet to be answered.