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mZuzek said:
Ryuu96 said:

gamrConnect Presents: Their 1173 Greatest Games, as of 2020

@mZuzek 2020 is Back!

Even better, I didn't actually have to do anything with this one because it was fully restored with edit history!

But it's using the second-most-recent edits then, right? If so, well, I've no idea if there's gonna be errors and inconsistencies somewhere.

To be honest, I haven't really bothered checking them in-depth, it's just so much. I've just been seeing these posts every other day and being appreciative of all the work you're putting in. But I haven't expressed it enough, thank you. It's great seeing these threads back.

Yeah, that is true, I did quickly skim each post on Wayback Machine though and didn't notice any major mistakes but I could have missed stuff.

What I did notice is the 1st post had a minor mistake of listing 393 instead of 392 which I changed, I also noticed in Wayback Machine all of the "Platform" listings were hidden behind Spoiler tags, while they aren't in the currently live version, these minor differences could have very well been your edits to those specific areas.

Likely won't start 2021 until tomorrow so while Bandorr is restoring those, I could have another quick look through Wayback Machine and compare them both, Live vs Wayback. In fact, I'll likely do that for all four threads at the end either way, Lol. Then move onto the Celebrating 10 Years after that.

These are all the Post IDs so far which you'll need for looking at Wayback Machine's versions if you want to compare the two, Wayback is very likely the final edit version.

I'm fairly confident that most of 2018/2019 will 100% be the final edit since a lot of it was copied straight from Wayback. Only issue with copying from Wayback is that it breaks every single image so you have to manually edit out the Wayback URL from every image, Lol. So it'd be better to just put them side by side and scroll down them, comparing them both and looking for inconsistencies rather than copy/paste from Wayback.

  • 2020: 9267198, 9267199, 9267200, 9267201, 9267203, 9267204, 9267205, 9267206, 9267207, 9267208
  • 2019: 9100432, 9100433, 9100435, 9100436, 9100437, 9100438, 9100439, 9100441, 9100442, 9100443
  • 2018: 8956005, 8956006, 8956007, 8956010, 8956011, 8956012, 8956013, 8956016, 8956017, 8956018
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