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mZuzek said:
Ryuu96 said:

By any chance do you remember the format of that thread and/or how many posts had at the start?

Wayback has the Introduction, Top 100, Commentary, People Who Voted, People Who Voted Part 2, People Who Voted Part 3.

Then it shits the bed in Part 3 at "Runner-up EIGHTS!!"

Have a look at it through Wayback and see what you think.

Just don't want to miss anything and know where to stop.

I looked through it and all of them shit the bed at some point, but I believe there should be only one more post after that.

Yeah, I managed to get down to "Ever Present Ten" and then it stops there.

I think the images are broken because they were uploaded via VGChartz's image upload which is a bit awkward at times but I really don't know why Wayback just stops loading the rest of the page at a certain point.

If there's no edit version store then Idk what to do, worst case scenario, do you think you'd be able to recreate the last bit of data after we restore the rest of the thread?

Don't do that yet of course, I'm just saying, a chance we might not be able to recover whatever is meant to be beyond "Ever Present Ten"