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Bandorr said:
mZuzek said:

And you're putting in the work now. I appreciate it.

Ryuu96 said:

Compared to 2022.

  1. Introduction.
  2. 1133 to 682.
  3. 381 to 101.
  4. Top 100.
  5. Winner.
  6. Platform Breakdown: Nintendo
  7. Platform Breakdown: PlayStation
  8. Platform Breakdown: Xbox
  9. Other Platforms
  10. By Decades

Would it be safe to assume that all threads follow that exact same pattern/order and post number?

Yes. The only difference is in the number of games that make it onto posts 2 and 3, and in the platform breakdowns. But the pattern's been the same every year.

Hang on, aren't all of the posts in these threads edited? I always post something random at first just to get the 10 posts before anyone else, then edit them afterward. It certainly seems like less work than what you did, but anyway, that's much appreciated too. I skimmed through it really fast but everything seemed fine except for the alignment of some things (to be fair it's a pain to center-align those long columns).

Also, hate to add more work into this, but there's also the thread I made celebrating 10 years of the event, I really hope we could get that one back too. Here

Either way it's nice to get back home and see all this, thanks a lot. I'll try to help from here on.

I didn't create the edit system. So I can't speak to it 100%. 

When you make a post - it isn't added to the edit table.  We will call the original post A)

When you edit that post (We will call this B)  A gets added to table. B is your main post, A is in the edit.

So if you make a blank post (That's A). Then edit it (With B). A gets added to the "edit table". B does not.  You'd have to have edited B for it to be added to the table.

So it would be safer to say that we'll likely need multiple edits? Because a lot of people would begin their post with "Reserved"

Cobretti2 said:

What makes it hard to restore?

Wouldn't you just load up the backup to say a fresh forum somewhere else? search via sql topic names or usernames to find the post IDs, then surely you just copy the record and do an inset statement on the existing site?

Also did another attack happen recently? Last one was what about 3 months ago or so? or a more recent one caused more drama?

Way above my knowledge so I unfortunately don't know, I'll just copy & paste what Talon told me.


Ryuu09/01/2023 14:54

Did you ever make any progress on restoring at least a portion of our old comments?

TalonMan10/01/2023 19:08

Unfortunately, no - the link that I was hoping to use to attempt to link comments back, doesn't exist. So, I have a shit load of comments - but no idea what thread or user they belong to. 🙁


No recent attack, I just made this thread because the last had its OP contents deleted and I have some free time right now, so I figured I'd create this thread and at least inform everyone what is happening since it has been months now, then Mnementh mentioned Mzuzek's threads which yeah, in some cases, we may be able to restore specific comments but it's a one at a time thing.