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Ryuu96 said:

Fair, I was sure the idea would be disliked, I know I can be weird about this stuff, Lol.

Would anyone be opposed to be going through the Hot Topics and locking some of the dead threads in favour of promoting more active ones?

As an example, do we need the Mafia threads open still? Do we need the OTs which haven't been posted in for 10 years? I can recreate my Community Thread and store them there as a handy look but I don't know if anyone needs to be able to comment in them anymore?

I'll need to go through anyway to see what is still broken and what isn't so I can see if anyone is willing to recreate.

Oxymoron, no? Hot topics is just a list of the threads by most recent post. If they're dead threads they shouldn't be on that list.

Although considering locking threads hides them from the Buddy etc. I'm generally against locking them unless there's an actual need. No recent posts doesn't really justify locking to me.

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 19 February 2023